About Us

About Us

We provide the safest and comfortable house
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Our Vision
Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction through unmatched service, unconditional quality, and unshakable integrity for the long term relationship.
Our History
Over the last 5 years, we've installed over 20 million sq. ft. of roofing.
Our Values
We specialize in the design, installation, repair and maintenance of roofing and siding as well as consulting and waterproofing.


There are basically two types of light weight roof truss materials that are available today.
They are the Galvanized Light Weight Steel Roof Truss and the Galvalume Light Weight Roof Truss.

Galvanised Steel Roof Truss

Galvanised Steel Roof Truss comes in high tensile G550 or (550 MPa high tensile strength) steel and coated with a layer of galvanised coating. This type of light weight steel roof truss is suitable for projects like terrace houses, bungalows, apartments, mosque, schools, factory, etc.

Truecore Steel Roof Truss

Truecore Steel Roof Truss comes in high tensile G550 (550 MPa high tensile strength) steel, it is coated with a more complex coating structure that is rich in zinc and aluminium that provide a more durable protection against corrosion. Truecore Steel Roof Truss is suitable mainly for sea-side projects or for factories that has high output of corrosive chemicals.